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Miss Tennessee Teen America 2002


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I am a 18 year old senior at Collegedale Academy, in Collegedale, Tennessee.  I love playing the piano, the organ, singing, and hanging out with my friends, but I am happiest when I am on the stage.  I volunteer a lot at our local community theatre and have acted in many of the productions.

I have spent the last two summers studying acting in New York City and plan to return next fall to continue with my studies.   

My Platform -- Teen Alcohol and Drug Abuse
It is my believe that one of the most challanging things teenagers today face is the decision on whether to experiment in drugs and/or alcohol.  In my reign as Miss Tennessee Teen America, I hope to show young teenagers that they do have a choice....they can say NO.  I have teamed with Powerhouse Youth Project to help educate the students of Tennessee about the choices that they will be facing everyday in their lives.
I hope to be able to provide them with the insight and the desire to say no to peer pressure and become individuals capable of making wise decisions.  Although I am only eighteen I have seen the harmful effects alcohol and drugs can have on your lives and I hope to be able to use that experience to help others.

Check out the Powerhouse Youth Project's Web Site!


Photo by CYC Studio
Thanks Juan and Kimberly

Wow!  I'm eighteen now.  I use to think I couldn't wait to turn eighteen, but something inside of me wants to stay a "little girl."



My favorite television shows are:

Friends and Dawson Creek (although I haven't watched either in weeks)

My favorite quote:

"When you come to the edge of all the light you know and must step into the darkness of the unknown, either you will have something sturdy to stand on, or you will FLY"!


Another photo by CYC Studio